Custom Fabricated Stainless Steel Dropper Drip Tray & Duct Kit.

When it comes to powerful, effective, low cost cooling and ventilation evaporative cooling is the answer.

Our new innovative Dropper Solutions Kit has been designed and built with intelligent engineering, energy saving & long term cost savings methods. The marginal additional cost of an Dropper Solutions Kit in comparison to the total cost of a standard duct system can pay for itself again and again via reduced running costs and higher quality fittings for the life of the system.

A separate internal Emergency “Catch tray” with pipe has been designed to catch and drain water away from the internal roof space, reducing the need to replace ceilings due to leaking evaporative Air conditioners.

The dropper solutions difference:

  • Eliminates replacing ducting
  • Reduces replacement roof sheets
  • Eliminates internal leaking into roof space and ceiling
  • Drains designed and allocated to leak excess water from drip tray to safe location

Design and Safety

  • Easy to install
  • Easy and safer to service or repair evaporative air conditioners
  • Designed to suit all Breezeair EM Series Evap Units – Roof mounted
  • Designed to suit other models on request
  • Suitable for Tiles or Colourbond Roofs

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