A.R.T together with our sister company Bear Instrumentation have invested in systems that ensure our projects and works are to the highest standards of quality and sustainable business practice.

HSEC (Health, Safety, Environment & Community) matters are important to our sustainable business program and are incorporated in all our project planning, monitoring and delivery of works. Indeed for work outcome to be considered as “quality assured” they must reflect these HSEC elements.

Our Documents Library (available to all employees) contains our procedures, forms, checklists and safe work instructions etc to help manage business processes (equipment, materials, manpower management etc) and plan and deliver works to meet customer expectation and the relevant inter/national standards.

Our Safety Management Plan Books are tailored to meet the needs of each project or works and ensure that all required information – policy, procedures, compliance registers, HSEC forms, checklists, SWI and JSEA – are all available onsite and on-hand at all times. SMP also monitor that all safety and compliance checks are performed as and when required and are signed off by responsible persons.

Our company database assists us with the successful tracking and maintaining of induction and training records for each employee. We are also equipped with a range of light vehicles (both 2WD and 4WD), site ready to ensure that our team of qualified technicians are site-ready and on hand to satisfy your job requirements.

Our HSEC and Sustainability programs are complimented by SafeQualityWork which provides our staff with systems, services and support and regular Compliance Auditing of our processes to quantify our performance and identify any areas for improvement.

For more information about our HSEC and Business Systems please contact us, we would be pleased to demonstrate how they will benefit the outcome of your project.