FVS offers a unique Ultra Clean Service which will benefit you, your family, friends and work colleges.

Here are some benefits:

Can reduce power bills up to 30% for the air conditioner/s in use.

Dirty coil cause the unit to work harder to cool the air, as there is airflow restriction in the “clean” surface area for the hot air to pass over.

Over time the blower wheel/fan/drum is covered in dirt and grime, causing the air velocity to decreases dramatically. In most cases the aircon user will turn up the fan speed and turn down the temperature in order to cool the room down, resulting in more power usage!

Once FVS performs an Ultra Clean, your air conditioner, its blower fan will produce more than double the volume of air off it. This means that you don’t have to have the fan motor working nearly as hard.

Can reduce microbial contamination and improves a healthy living environment. It is a common fact that all air conditioners, after regular usage, become infected with “microbial contamination” that includes fungi, mould and bacteria. Air Conditioners/Heat Pumps are the perfect environment for such contaminants and become constantly airborne every time an air conditioner is switched on.

Can prolong the life span of your investment and is your contribution to the environment. It’s called SUSTANABILITY! A regularly serviced air conditioner will last a lot longer than one that never gets serviced.
In summary – consumers are generally not made aware of the above and so are under the belief that cleaning you filters is enough. Cleaning your filters is “simple maintenance”. After regular usage the whole head unit also needs to be “correctly” Ultra Cleaned and Serviced.

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Ultra Clean